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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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11:00. at 11:00, police say he is the sweetheart since thennedler >> he seemed charming. have all the stuff together. just a good first did it >> police are looking for the man who uses online dating aps to conwomen out of thousands of dollars. >> a local school infested with bed bugs and rodents, we've learned the clean-up is going to take much longer than anticipated. a joyful reunion at dulles for brothers who sued president trump. the staggerthing amount. a casanova contrast. police are looking for a man accused of scamming women across the country. >> she said she dated him two months before she learned the truth, fox 5 marina marraco has the story. ma
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for this criminal casanova in montgomery county in late december and sewn, the only hints of his whereabouts are coming from social media. where apparently he continues to lure other women here in the area. ♪ ♪. >> reporter: he seemed very charming. has all the stuff together. >> reporter: seemed like love at first sight. >> we would go out to dinner or we would go to nba game, and you know, most people had the check card in their pocket. guy would have a wad of cash, like i would guess 8 to $10,000 in cash. >> dates and hour long conversations that included whats with this woman thought was proof of her man's wealth. >> wells fargo bank states claiming he has $98 million in a high yield statement accounts. he shown me trust statements for this
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between la, miami, and even here. it's all safe. so the fact that he was on his phone having business calls, seemed real. so yes, he is a professional conartist. >> reporter: she checked online for her new biden devon glaze but there was no apparently digital footprint. a man this woman met on a dating website. two months in and the pair had a planned trip to costa rica to celebrate her birthday. text messages with his supposed assistant, showed plans to travel there on her new boyfriend's private jet. in two months, she only had videos of their dogs playing to show for the relationship. but a red flag eventually did come in the form of a check. >> it was $700 >> at the bank she saw it with her own eyes. >> there it was, it was made out to this company that i never heard
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and it was endorsed. looked like my signature gut his initials. the name he was using is the same initials as mine. >> reporter: when she reported him, officers had no record of devon glaze. but quickly, she learned she wasn't the only woman hot on his trail >> i went to rip off and typed in the name devon glaze. that's where everything just stood in front of me >> dozens of equipment in california, florida, illinois and georgia also claimed they too were examined by this man whose real name is trevor devon. mug shots and rap sheets with charges that include felony theft, forgery and fraud are edged across court dockets. she confronted him and he denied it and disappeared. until her friends found him on yet another dating ap. this
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charles. >> my heart dropped. because i thought, you know, maybe he would leave the area. >> she got a caught from another woman, who said she's an arlington county public cool teacher also scammed by the same man. >> she said that she came across another woman who actually they got engaged. and they -- she booked the hotels, had invitations made. >> reporter: this montgomery county woman got her money back and said she'll be ok. she's telling her story for just one reason. >> i would height for a woman to become engaged to this guy or have a date with this guy. i believe he has multiple kids across the u.s. i believe he also married to at least five, six women right now with different names. and he's telling them the stories of him traveling the world for work or for family and not the case, he's coning you. >> reporter: because
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case, this man now has multiple open warrants for his arrest. he's facing both misdemeanor as well as felony charges for fraud and forgery. marina marraco fox 5 local news. just in to the newsroom. dc police released this video from inauguration day. showing the vandal whose trashed a limo and set it on fire. of course, this happened on k street in franklin square as people were protesting the inauguration of president trump. you can see the vandals tossing flares into the limo. investigators are trying to identify two of the vandals seen in this video. if you have any information about this or about them, you're asked to call lease. in the district, it could be week before students at a southeast elementary school can actually return to their school building. savoy elementary is infested with bed bugs and
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tisha lewis is live. tisha i understand originally officials said the school is just closing a few days. >> reporter: that's right. friday, dc public school said here at savoy elementary school it would be closed monday and tuesday. then on wednesday, students would be going to an alternate location, that was only supposed to be a few days. now turns outlet it could be several weeks. this is what's greeting parents when they arrive here at savoy. letters referring them to the department of health. also, when we arrive here tonight, pest control crews were here on the first floor. the school is closed again today and tomorrow and here's what we saw tonight. a maryland based pest control company with a dozen people here on site tackling the rodent and bed bugs problem in the school. the pest control group is set up in the multi-purpose room. we'll be likely seeing more in the coming days as savoy under
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goes a massive cleaning process. on sunday, savoy notified parents on facebook about amount of money plans which include sends students to nearby hope elementary costume. made no mention of how long savoy students would be attending the alternate location. neither did friday's correspondence. now aged being contacted by fox 5 local news, dc public schools said savoy students could be displaced the whole month while clean-up is underway. and commissioner ronda heinz tells us it could be much longer. >> they have to find out where is the infestation is at the heaviest. then when they locate where the heaviest is, then they can start treating right there. it takes from two to three weeks. that's just for a small infestation. but if it's larger, it might run over to another six weeks. whatever
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as long as the school is health-wise for them babies to come back. >> now, heinz said she got the jarring timeline from the department of health. what we do know is that dc public schools said they will be providing transportation for students and they plan to inform parents about that information some time tomorrow night. tisha lewis, fox 5 local news. new tonight. howard county council narrowly approved a bill to give undocumented immigrants legal protections in essence making howard county a sanctuary county. the county executive promised to veto the measure. . similar discussion taking place in montgomery county. the executive and the county council issued a statement that rejects the trump administration's immigration policy. the county council has not voted to declare sanctuary city and right now it's no
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will happen. the set to vote on nominee for secretary of education, democrats are making a last minutes push to block it. protests let's take a live look at the senate floor, you can congressman corey booker, virginia tim kaine will be taking the 3:00 a.m. time slot. we talked to him earlier about this process. >> on any nomination, we're entitled to have 30 hours of debate. a day and a half. one day and six hours. this is a big important position. i don't think there's anything more critical to the nation's economy than how we educate our kids. it's good for individuals but it's a matter of economy. we decided to take our full 30 hours of debate and the majority, it's their right to say if you're going to do that we're going to make you do it overnight. 30 hours consecutively >> the votes appear to be
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locked. if that is the case, the tie breaki vice president mike pence. he has said he willte to confirm betsy devos. panda fans listen up. you're running out of time to visit baobao. they tweeted the three-year-old will move to china on february 21st. part of the zoo's deal with china wildlife conversation association. all cubs born have to move to china by the time they turn four. baobao turns four in august. the zoo is planning a celebration of baobao starting february 16th. >> it's sad when they leave. we get so excited when they're born and you remember just -- we have a lot of them over there, they have a lot of them. they should let us keep them >> maybe you could be the ambassador to keep the pandas here. >> last week, two brothers turned away at dulles airport because of the travel ban. their long expensive journey to
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next. newabout the meteor that lit up the skies >> she started a super bowl add with a super bowl mvp. we'll hear from the local actress coming up.
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meetor lit up the skies. spotted on several dash cam videos, most were in illinois and wisconsin but there were people in indiana, kansas, new york, and ontario canada. experts say it was accompanied by a boom that shook houses, there's no sure if it landed in the water or broke up in the sky. judges will hear arguments tomorrow in the battle over president trump's executive order on immigration and refugees, the justice department filed a new defense of the order with a federal appeals court calling the travel ban a lawful exercise of the president's authority. friday a federal judge temin primarily halted the ban. it could end up in the supreme court. in the meantime some foreign travelers turned away are back
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among the many joyful reunions at dulles airports international arrivals terminal. none were more noteworthy than their flint michigan based father akel, a u.s. citizen >> i was not sure coming back. coming back. but i was like, i may be not going to happen >> the az is brothers 19 and 21 sued donald trump in federal court in alexandria after refused entry in the u.s. the weekend before last. lawsuit calling the president's travel ban unconstitutional. >> what does it feel like to take on donald trump you sued donald trump >> because justice is, we can't do this in other country, so this is great.
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thank you >> you sued the president. they ethiopia after arriving at dulles saturday, january 28th amid the chaos following the friday night executive order >> a wrong has been made right. an injustice has been rectified we're standing here with nine people who did absolutely nothing wrong who had absolutely no reason to be barred from this country other than the fact that their passport said yemen on it >> the almarisi family of seven has come back. they too were sent home to yemen after the visas were cancelled. >> fighting the travel ban in the federal appeals court in san francisco say reimplementing it would unleash chaos again. president trump he's trying to keep america safe. akel, az is said it caused h
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family $70,000, bob barnard 5 local news. the weather was nice today. >> and tomorrow while it will be warm we'll have rain around in the morning. a lot of clouds throughout the day. maybe peaks of sun in the afternoon. it's a little bit of a trade-off. not quite as pretty as today but a little bit warmer. absolutely. saving on the furnace that's for sure. just grab the umbrella to be on the safe side. not a real wet day. showers around tomorrow morning you'll want to be prepared for and my brother the kids are ready. once again, a look at high temperatures today up to 61 at reagan national, 63 at dulles, 61 at bwi, more typical of what we might see in early april, late march. mild day, lots of sunshine, warmer tomorrow, with a potential for the record breaking high temperatures to be set. forecast high is 67 for dc tomorrow. and the
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we did that in 2008 and 1887. not sure it south of dc especially with the strong winds that will develop in the afternoon. last time we had a 70 degree day in february was way back in 2012. couple times we've hit over 80 in february. i tweet that day out to a viewer a little while ago. frederick is 39 at this hour, washington is 47. we're kind of all over the place here clouds coming in. we've had clear skies. it's gotten a little cooler but we expect clouds to thicken and more clouds than sun with few showers tomorrow. primarily in the morning with a temperature of 67 degrees. wednesday also on the warm side. tomorrow really could feature two rounds of rain, no the a lot. a little bit in the morning. maybe a little bit tomorrow night. and some that might linger on wednesday as well. temperature wednesday should be 66 although i think it will be cooler as we head through afternoon as colder air begins to come in behin
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frontal system. warm front coming through tonight will produce er you can see a few showing up on radar. it'sather sparse. you can see by 7:00 in the morning, it wants to put pretty good showers through the district right along the 270 corridor. by 1:00 we're left with few spotty showers, clouds try to break up if we get more sunshine than we'll see the temperatures really spiking very breezy tomorrow afternoon as well and then you can see few more showers try to develop late tomorrow night. i want to show you the planner and we'll look at the fox 5 accu-weather forecast. by noon ten degrees warmer maybe peaks of sunshine, by 4:00, 66, thursday rain and snow possible in the morning. now, we're going to have a couple warm days, temperature thursday recent to
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watch that to see if it's going to cause disruption, friday 39, there's your coldest day of the seven-day. we start warming up as early as saturday when we get up to 55 mild weekend ahead as well. that's your seven-day. >> a dc area woman star first down one of the super bowl pepsi commercials. >> she started right alongside denver byron company ron miller. >> >> instead of this rug how about a nice turf? >> natural >> even even thoughs words. >> she auditioned back in november. >> he was so great and calm on the set. the team was really, really, nice. and i was really interesting because i never r
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first commercial i didn't know how many people were going to be a lot of pepsi ands to tea toes. >> she plans to keep auditioning for acting roles and we certainly wish her the best. >> good for her. a tennis star going on blind date because of something she wrote on twitter. that's next.
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maybe we didn't have the super bowl to watch around here but tonight is probably the best sign you might want to get on that. hosting the mba championships, really had a chance to make a statement. found a way to do it even if they ended up on the wrong side. all the way to the final. wizards down by three. labron james, wizard almost turned it over but bradley with the three tied at 116 and watch his reaction right here. i got this
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that good, .3 seconds on the clock ties it up. everybody is shocked. it's 120 we go to overtime. cavs get the lead, wizard lose 140 to 135 snapping the 17-game win streak. virginia hosting number four louisville. rick playing without two injured and two suspended players and home team took advantage in the second half inside to salt on cavaliers up by six. he's out there tonight and takes advantage of the cardinals, boom, gets the slam, virginia win 71-55. they get a rough in time for rick l, a,
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patriots roger goodell he had to congratulate tom brady for another super bowl victory. this morning the man behind the deflate gate presented him with his super bowl mvp provide. both playing nice 10 smiling for the cameras. hopefully might be the end. if boston fans are good for anything, they let things go. the falcons led the patriots. this is canadian, she learned a lesson by twitter when a college student very straightforward question, he asked her if the patriots win, we go on a date, keep in mind this is when they were down. she said absolutely. sure. let's make the happen. aged the game, lesson learned, never bet against tom brady and she made
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it's her word. goin right. >> tweet out a picture. >>
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>> someone stole my jersey. >> so robert kraft, as he's seen there with tom brady, tom brady's telling him all of this and tom brady is expecting don't worry, we'll get on it or i have the jersey. robert kraft just looks up at him and goes, oh, it will probably turn up online. >> new england patriots celebrated their big win at a huge after party. lil wayne performed, tom brady showed up. >> by the way, giselle most supportive wife ever. >> she was taunting other people afterwards. she was going -- five rings! five rings! >> we got prince william, kate middleton and prince harry taking part in a training marathon. harvey: if i can be king of england


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